Caption Double Take collection

Caption Double Take Christmas present

Recently, this beautiful package was delivered. It’s contents are really beautiful and today I want to share it with you.

In February of this year I was first introduced to Caption nail polishes. Caption is a part of Young Nails, a brand that focuses on the professional market with gels and acrylic products. I am a big fan of Young Nails products. I let my natural nails grow as much as possible but sometimes a nail might break and instead of shortening them all I build a new nail, looking as natural as possible with a form and Young Nails sculpting gel.

Caption is a line of nail polishes that have a much better durability on the nail than a normal nail polish. You need a special base and top coat to achieve the right effect. The polish is quickly drying and has a beautiful shine.

Caption Double Take bottles in front of the packaging

In the beautiful package were three colors from the Double Take winter collection. This collection consists of six opaque trend colors and two sparkling Topeffects. I received Grind and Bare It, Drinks on Me and Pedal to the Metal along with the associated base and topcoat.

I must say that this is truly one of the nicest and most festive press packets I’ve gotten this Christmas. A big thumbs up to the PR lady!

And now without further ado we go on to the swatches because that’s what you’re here for.

Grin and Bare It

Caption Grin and Bare It name on bottom of the bottle

Grin and Bare It is a beautiful beige nude shade with a subtle shimmer. The shimmer has a pink / golden glow and gives this beautiful color more depth.

Caption Grin and Bare It hand holding bottle

You can wear this kind of color almost all year round, whether it’s almost Christmas or midsummer. I am fond of this kind of color and I like to wear them at times when a bright color is not appropriate but I still want beautiful and manicured nails. It’s a shade that will flatter almost any skin tone.

Caption Grin and Bare It closeup nails

The formula of Caption Grin and Bare It is very pleasant and in terms of thickness it is perfect making that application goes without effort. In principle, one layer was enough to make it fully opaque but I have given it a second layer to get the color just a little more depth. Now I like to work in very thin layers,  but if you work in thicker layers one coat will be sufficient.

Caption Grin and Bare It macro

The color of this macro shot may differ from the actual color. The other swatches are representing the true color of the product.

Drinks on Me

Caption Drinks on Me name on bottom of the bottle

Caption Drinks on Me is one of the two Topeffects, and it is packed with silver hex glitter with a holographic effect in two sizes.

Caption Drinks on Me hand holding bottle

On the swatches I have applied Drinks on Me over Grin and Bare It. As you may already know, I a true holosexual and therefore love holo polishes in any form whatsoever. Due to the transparent base and the silver-colored glitter, this topper suitable to apply on each color.

Caption Drinks on Me closeup nails

The formula of Caption Drinks on Me is very nice, despite being packed with glitter is it is not too thick. You can apply it in the normal way but for the most beautiful end result I like to apply this kind of glitter with a sponge.

Caption Drinks on Me macro

The color of this macro shot may differ from the actual color. The other swatches are representing the true color of the product.

Pedal to the Metal

Caption Pedal to the Metal name on bottom of the bottle

Pedal to the Metal is my favourite in this series. The beige / copper shade has a light purple undertone and a silver shimmer. The shimmer seems to give it a slight chrome effect.

Caption Pedal to the Metal hand holding bottle

This beautiful color gives your nails a well groomed look without being too predominant. I particularly like the silver chrome-like glow that this beauty has.

Caption Pedal to the Metal closup nails

The formula is, as with the other colors in this Double Take collection, very pleasant. Due to the fine substance you can apply the polish flawlessly and the immensely good pigmentation makes that you’ll only need one layer.

Caption Pedal to the Metal macro

The color of this macro shot may differ from the actual color. The other swatches are representing the true color of the product.

Finish en dry time

The Caption polishes dry very quickly you don’t need to wait between layers when you are finished with the second hand, you can directly go on with the next layer. After applying the topcoat your manicure is touch dry within seconds. In February I tested Caption Easy Does It and that one still remained soft after applying it for quite a while, I have not experienced that with these polishes from the Double Take collection, they were quite hard within minutes.

Caption Pedal to the Metal brush

I do like the brushes of the Caption polishes. They are a bit on the wide side and have a rounded top so you can neatly paint along the cuticles.

Caption Grin and Bare It closeup hand holding bottle

The finish of the Caption topcoat is insanely beautiful. Along with the Layla No Lamp topcoat it is the only product in my opinion that really approaches the gel finish. That shine remains to be so beautiful until you remove the product.
Caption promises that your manicure lasts for at least nine days. I  have applied Pedal to the Metal on the day that it arrived, it’s now ten days later and there is not a chip or tipwear in sight. Especially the lack of tipwear is impressive considering the fact that I daily make intensive use of a mechanical keyboard.

Caption Pedal to the Metal closeup nails after ten days

iPhone photo, ten days after applying.

I am very pleased with the Caption products. There are several brands that have a line with no lamp gelpolishes but there are so far only two of which I am really impressed and those are Caption and the Layla No Lamp line.

The Caption colors and Topeffects contain 10ml and costs € 16.95 each. The base and topcoat also contain 10ml and costs € 15.95 each. You can purchase the Caption products in their own webshop.

Have a great weekend!handtekening

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