Catrice Mauve to the Beat

Catrice Mauve to the Beat bottle name

Today I’ll show you this beautiful mauve color. It’s name, Mauve to the Beat, leaves little to the imagination but it is an awesome shade!

In January of this year, CATRICE released the It Pieces collection containing four new nail polishes and lots more nice makeup products. The It Pieces collection is now included in the fixed assortment of CATRICE and is widely available.

The It Pieces collection contained the following four nail polishes:


CATRICE Mauve to the Beat is a very nice mauve color that, due to the grayish undertone, looks slightly less purple. I find this kind of color very beautiful in the autumn. For spring and the coming summer I think it is somewhat dark but no less beautiful.

Catrice Mauve to the Beat hand holding bottle

It’s a fairly subtle color that you can wear for a more formal occasion or at work (if you can wear nail polish of course). The color gives a neat look without immediately drawing attention to itself.

Catrice Mauve to the Beat daylight hand holding bottle


CATRICE Mauve to the Beat has a very pleasant substance. The thickness is actually perfect, not too thick, but certainly not too thin. The application is very easy and it also levels out smooth. The coverage is fine, on the swatches you see two thin layers and that is enough for an even and opaque whole.

Catrice Mauve to the Beat closeup nails 2

Mauve to the Beat also contains CATRICE’s new and improved brush. The old brush I did not like but unfortunately I find the new brush not pleasant as well. The brushes are the reason that I don´t often buy CATRICE polishes. When I do buy a budget polish then I would rather buy essence polishes because the essence brushes are much better.

Catrice Mauve to the Beat hand holding brush


On the swatches I did not apply a topcoat. As you can see  CATRICE Mauve to the Beat dries to a brilliant shine. The durability on the nail is moderate, after one day the first chips showed up. You can improve the durability easily by using a good base and topcoat. In combination with a Dior basecoat and an OPI topcoat I can manage to keep a CATRICE polish neatly in place for up to a week.

Catrice Mauve to the Beat closeup nails

If you are a regular visitor of my blog you might know by now that I’m really fond of the matte topcoat. You can give each polish a little extra with it. Often the colors become slightly lighter and more subtle. Also CATRICE Mauve to the Beat looks gorgeous with a matte finish.

Catrice Mauve to the Beat matte finish hand holding bottle

Because the It Pieces collection in its entirety is included in the standard range of CATRICE this color will be widely available.