Cien Berry Passion

cien berry passion closeup nails 3

I think we all know Lidl, the cheap supermarket with delicious products. They also have their own cosmetic line and I was curious about the nail polishes. What can you really expect from such a cheap product? I’ll show you today!

I love the Lidl supermarkets, they have lots of good and delicious products for a very low price. I always did my groceries at Albert Heijn but in recent months we´re going to the Lidl for most of the groceries. I do not like shopping for groceries (read: I hate it and can not wait until they´ll introduce a delivery service) and I therefore preferably run in and out as quickly as possible. I always skip the cosmetics department because both my hubby and I have our favorites and we usually get them at Douglas or Etos. Yet a little while ago my attention was drawn to a shelf of make-up. I didn’t buy any of the facial make-up, there where no suitable colors for me and also my skin is ridiculously sensitive and I know from experience unfortunately that cheaper makeup causes problems. The nail polishes were apparently very popular and there was only one shade left, luckily I really love this kind of color.


Cien Berry Passion is a beautiful purple color with a strong, red undertone making it a very warm shade. I like this kind of color, especially in the fall, it is truly beautiful!

cien berry passion hand holding bottle


The formula of Cien Berry Passion is surprisingly nice. It has a nice thickness and is easy to apply on the nail. Despite the fact that the polish is a somewhat thicker it does not have the tendency to be syrupy. The polish levels out nice so you get a mirror-smooth finish. It is very highly pigmented, and that’s great because in just one layer, you have an evenly opaque result. The disadvantage is that this polish will discolor the natural nails, do not forget to use a good base coat to protect your nails.

cien berry passion closeup nails

The bottle looks very much like the bottles of CATRICE and unfortunately they also have a similar brush. The brush is of relatively low quality and is cut in a strange and uneven manner.

cien berry passion brush

The brush is very tough and you can not work very nice with it. Also, it doesn’t pick up much product, my nails are not too long at the moment but I had to pick up more product from the bottle twice for each nail.


Cien Berry Passion dries fairly quickly and has a nice glossy finish.

cien berry passion closeup nails 2

On the swatches you see Cien Berry Passion without a topcoat, and as you can see the shine is really amazing! Also with a matte finish, it is a stunner.

cien berry passion matte finish hand holding bottle

The durability on the nail is unfortunately really not good. Without a topcoat I had already hefty chips after two hours. With a topcoat the chips came later that evening. The next morning the polish came off my thumbnail as a big slice.

I really do like the color and the substance is nice but the overall quality is just really not good. Now you can say that for € 2 you should not have too high expectations but for an even lower price essence provides nail polishes that are much better in terms of quality and the brush. So if you are looking for a budget nail polish, then you better go take a look at the essence nail polishes and skip the Lidl products.