Color Club Cosmic Fate

Color Club Cosmic Fate bottle

Today I show you another beautiful Color Club holographic polish, Cosmic Fate.

Halo Hues 2013 collection consists of six beautiful holographic finishes with a linear effect. This effect is caused by the presence of spectraflair. This ingredient breaks the light and ensures that a prism is visible. The more spectraflair a polish contains the more intense the effect will be. Unfortunately spectraflair is a very expensive ingredient and that is why the cheaper polishes have a less dramatic effect.

The collection holds the following polishes:


Color Club Cosmic Fate is a beautiful orange color. The color also tends to be a bit of a beige hue. A special color that is also very beautiful in a neutral light.

Color Club Cosmic Fate neutral light hand holding bottle

As with all Halo Hues polishes also Cosmic Fate changes into an outrageously cool finish as soon as direct (sun) light falls on it. The light is broken causing a linear holographic effect. This effect is very beautiful and very present.

Color Club Cosmic Fate hand holding bottle


The formula of Color Club Cosmic Fate is very good. In terms of thickness it just right so you can apply it even in thicker layers if you prefer that. I prefer to work in thin layers, on the swatches I have applied two thin layers and that is enough for a nice and fully opaque whole. I think that it will be fully opaque with just one thicker coat.

The linear effect in the holographic polish is most beautful on a smooth surface. If you buffer your nails before painting them you will see that the effect is really incredibly beautiful.

Color Club Cosmic Fate closeup nails

The Color Club polishes come in a square bottle with a smaller cap. The brush is very nice to work with, it takes up plenty of polish and fans out nice on the nail.

Color Club Cosmic Fate bottle and brush


The drying time of Color Club Cosmic Fate is incredibly good, especially if you work in thin layers. It dries with a semi-matte finish, you better not apply topcoat over a holographic polish because the effect is significantly reduced.

Color Club Cosmic Fate macro

Color Club Cosmic Fate contains 15ml and costs €9,95. You can purchase it at Pretty Polish.

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