essence The Iced

essence the Iced closeup bottle

Today, spring officially starts but I still have a lovely winter polish for you.

The essence Winter? Wonderful! collection came out in December. The collection consists of beautiful products in wintry colors like white, blue and ice gray but also more warm tones like pink and light apricot.

The collection contains the following nail polishes:


Essence the Iced is a beautiful white color with a pearly shine. The polish is packed with a kind of coarse, white flakies who really create the illusion of a layer of ice on your nails. Despite being a white color is has no Tipp-Ex effect, he looks more like a nude on the nails.

essence the Iced hand holding bottle

Below is a macro shot of the polish on my nail. You can nicely see the flakes with their pearl shine.

essence the Iced macro


The substance of essence The Iced is very nice, it has a fine thickness although it is packed with the flakies. Application goes without effort and it spreads out evenly on the nail, so you do not have to apply it by dabbing. It is very sheer, on the swatches you see three layers. I think it’s not appropriate to apply over a different color so I have chosen to make it opaque.

essence the Iced closeup nails

When budget nail polishes the brush is often not very pleasant, with essence that is not the case. The bushes of the essence polishes are always very good, they are cut off straight and take up enough polish.

essence the Iced closeup bottle and brush


The finish of essence The Iced is super cute! It is a bit grainy but not so coarse that it is a liquid sand finish. You can see the pearl shine very well. The durability is mediocre, I had some tipwear and the first chips showed itself after a day. The durability can be extended by a good topcoat but then you lose the nice effect.

essence the Iced closeup nail