Layla 3D Taupe

Layla gelpolish bottle

Two weeks ago a lot of nice new nail polishes in Layla where delivered. One of the of the most beautiful polishes in that box was Layla 3D Taupe. Today you see the swatches.


Despite the name, 3D Taupe I think the color is more mauve than taupe. The color is very subtle and really beautiful with very fine copper shimmer. The shimmer gives more depth to the polish without being to obvious. Layla 3D Taupe is a beautiful color for those days when you do not want to wear a lot of color but still want a groomed look.

Layla 3D Taupe hand holding bottle

If you see the polish from a distance the shimmer is almost invisible but up close you will see that it is very subtle. On the macro image below you can clearly see the shimmer.

Layla 3D Taupe macro


For gelpolish Layla 3D Taupe is a bit on the thin side. Application goes without effort and it is not runny so you can apply it on multiple nails before you cure it in the lamp. Due to the good formula Layla 3D Taupe levels out nicely so you have a very smooth finish. The coverage is good, it is completely opaque with one thicker layer or two slightly thinner layers.
Each gel shrinks as it cures but with the Layla polishes the shrinkage is very minimal. If you cap the free edge then you do not suffer from shrinking.

The bottles are matte black, to keep UV rays from reaching the gelpolish. The brush is very pleasant. It is not too wide and cut off straight. You can work very pleasant with it, even on a smaller nail bed.

Layla 3D Taupe bottle and brush


Layla 3D Taupe is not a one-step gel polish, it is important that you use a good base and topcoat. The finish that you see on the swatches is that of Layla Base & Shiny Top Coat. This product can therefore be used as a base and top coat. The gloss is insane and will remain beautiful until you have removed the product from the nails. Removal is very simple, put a cotton pad with acetone for ten minutes on the nail, you can wipe the product off the nail. The natural nail will therefore not be damaged. You may not tear off gelpolishes, this will damage the nail seriously!

Layla 3D Taupe closeup nails

You can buy Layla 3D Taupe at Djasa, a bottle contains 10ml and costs € 14.95. The Base & Top Coat Shiny costs € 14.90 and also those you buy at Djasa. Pay attention! To use these products, you need a UV or LED lamp.

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