Layla Black Seduction

Layla Black Seduction bottle and brush

Several years ago, the major nail polish brands started with magnetic polishes. The hype did not last very long and the magnetic polishes faded a bit to the background but recently they seem to be coming back! Today I’ll show you a magnetic gelpolish by Layla.

A magnetic polish contains metallic particles that can be affected with a magnet so you can make beautiful patterns on the nail. It provides a fun and playful effect on the nail.


Layla Black Seduction, unlike the name suggests, is not a black polish but it tends rather to a dark anthracite color. The metal particles are lighter in color. By holding the magnet over the wet polish you can create a pattern. The closer and the longer you keep the magnet over the nail the stronger the effect will be.

Layla Black Seduction bottle and brush 2

On the swatches I chose for a diagonal stripe pattern but with a little ingenuity, you can make anything of it. In the video below you can see that the lines seem to move under certain light.

The polish contains very fine metallic particles as you can clearly see on the macro image below.

Layla Black Seduction macro


Gelpolishes are generally thicker than a regular polish but Layla Black Seduction is not that thick at all. The polish has a fine formula to work with. It is not too thin so it does not run into the cuticles, so you can easily paint several nail at the same time before curing. The magnet sits on top of the cap. It is advisable to work quickly because the effect of the magnet slowly disappears as long as the gelpolish is uncured. I place the magnet 1 to 2 mm from the nail and wait about 20 seconds for a beautiful and intense effect.

Layla Black Seduction closeup nails 2

The bottles are the same as the standard Layla gelpolishes, only they have a sticker around the cap which clearly state the name and that it is a magnetic polish. I must confess that I prefer to work with a separate magnet than this system with the magnet on the cap.

Layla Black Seduction bottle and brush


Layla Black Sedution is not a one-step gelpolish, which means that you need a separate base and top coat. Layla has a very good product namely Layla Base & Shiny Top Coat. This product can be used, as the name implies, as a base coat and topcoat. The gloss of this Base & Shiny Top Coat is insane and will remain beautiful until the moment you remove the product from the nails. The shine that you see on the swatches is that of Layla Base & Shiny Top Coat.

Layla Black Seduction closeup nails

Gelpolishes don’t harden in the air like a normal nail polish does. To wear a gelpolish, it is necessary to cure the layers in a UV or LED lamp. The Layla gelpolishes work under both UV and LED light so there is no need to buy a new lamp.
Layla Black Seduction costs €14,95 and you can purchase it at Djasa. The Base & Shiny Top Coat is also for sale at Djasa and this one costs €14,90.

What do you think of magnetic polishes? I’ve rediscovered them recently and love to wear them!

Have a great day!

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