Layla Metallic Blue

Layla Metallic Blue bottle

Today’s article is somewhat later than usual, I had forgotten to schedule it. Today I show you this beauty, a beautiful midnight blue metallic Layla.

The Italian cosmetics brand Layla is known for their nail polishes of outstanding quality.
The largest collection within the range of Layla is the Ceramic Effect collection, it includes no less than 116 different nail polishes in a rich color palette. The nail polishes from the Ceramic Effect collection are so-called one-step polishes, which means that you do not need a base and top coat. The omission of the base coat was something I found a bit scary, especially with very  heavily pigmented colors but my natural nails where never discolored.


The name of this beauty leaves little to the imagination, Metallic Blue. There is not much more to add, it’s a beautiful, deep midnight blue metallic color. The base of the polish is dark blue and the metallic shimmer has a number of different shades of blue color so the polish gets a lot of depth.

Layla Metallic Blue hand holding bottle


Layla Metallic Blue is a bit on the thin side but as long as you keep that in mind and do not apply it in thick layers you won´t endure any problems. Because it is quite thin it levels out neatly so you‘re guaranteed a smooth manicure. On the swatches I applied two very thin layers, which is sufficient for full coverage. What I like very much is it doesn’t show brushstrokes, witch is unfortunately often the case with metallic polishes.

Layla Metallic Blue closeup nails

The Ceramic Effect polishes come in a long and slender bottle. The brush is long enough to almost touch the bottom of the bottle so that you can even get the last bits out of the bottle. The brush hairs are of fine quality, not too stiff and neatly cut of straight. It takes up plenty of polish.

Layla Metallic Blue bottle and brush


Because it is a one-step polish, Layla Metallic Blue has a beautiful high-gloss finish. On the swatches I have therefore not applied a topcoat. The durability of the polish is quite good, on day four it showed some tipwear but no chips.

Below is a macro shot of the polish.

Layla Metallic Blue macro
Layla Metallic Blue costs €7,75 and is for sale at Djasa.

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