Layla Ruby Pumps gelpolish

Layla Gelpolish bottle

Recently, I received new gel polishes by Layla, and one struck me immediately and that is Ruby Pumps. The real nail polishaholics might have an idea what color it should be. Read on to see if you guessed right.

On my blog a lot of Layla polsihes came by last year, mostly regular nail polishes but also thermo gelpolishes. Layla also has a huge collection of normal gelpolishes and Ruby Pumps is one of them.


Layla Ruby Pumps has a beautiful red color containing a beautiful, delicate, red shimmer. It  has the same name as China Glaze Ruby Pumps and it does indeed looks like it only the shimmer in the China Glaze polish is much coarser.

Layla Ruby Pumps hand holding bottle

It is a very beautiful deep red hue that looks very classic. The macro shot below shows the shimmer very clearly. Note that this picture does not represent the real color, all other pictures are very accurate in showing the true color of the polish.Layla Ruby Pumps macro


Because it is a gelpolish the formula is thicker than usual in a normal nail polish. Because it is a bit thicker, it isn’t runny and does not flood into the cuticles. The latter, I think is very important in a gelpolish. The product may not come into contact in any way with the skin while curing in the lamp, this causes lifting of the product. Layla Ruby Pumps is easy to apply levels out neatly so you’re guaranteed a nice and smooth manicure. Each gelpolish suffers from shrinkage upon curing, usually you can assume that the cheaper products that have more problems with shrinkage than the more expensive products. The Layla gelpolishes have are hardly affected by shrinking. If you carefully cap the free edge then you will have no problems.

Layla Ruby Pumps closeup nails

The Layla gel polishes bottles all look the same, you can tell them apart by a sticker which sits on top of the cap. They are fairly simple, black opaque bottles. The brushes are nice, they take sufficient product and you can work properly with it.

Layla Ruby Pumps bottle and brush


Layla Ruby Pumps is not a one-step gel polish which means you have to use it in combination with a base and top coat. The finish that you see on the swatches is that of Layla Base and Shiny Topcoat. The shine of this topcoat stays until the moment you decide to remove the product. When Layla gel polish is applied correctly it remains at least two weeks, it also depends on the condition of your natural nails of course.

Layla Ruby Pumps closeup nail

Layla Ruby Pumps costs €14,95 you can purchase it at Djasa. The Base & Shiny Topcoat costs 14,90.

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