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Together with a group of other blog girls, we decided to write an article every Wednesday on a joint topic. The first topic is about our five favorite Instagram accounts.

Instagram is a medium that I use very often for my blog, I recently passed the magical 1000 followers border. Beside sharing my pictures I also follow much different accounts. The idea is that you make a top 5 of your favorite Instagram accounts. That is very difficult though! It took some effort, but here are my five favorite Instagram accounts.

Anton Corbijn

BMC AntonCorbijn

Photography has long been my biggest hobby. Besides the photos I take for my blog I often have other subjects in my studio, thinking of food, products but also a lot of models.
One of my role models is Anton Corbijn, a leading Dutch photographer, he is also know for his work for U2 and Metallica. On his Instagram account he shares a glimpse into his life. Totally worth it if you like his work.

Kent Gustavson

BCM KentGustavson

Kent Gustavson is an award-winning author, musician and professor. On his Instagram account he shares beautiful photos. He doesn’t make these pictures, he named the photographers and shares these beautiful images. His taste in photography is excellent. If you can enjoy beautiful pictures you should definitely take a look at his Instagram account.


BMC Bazwoldartist

The owner of this Instagram account is a wizard with pencils. He draws lifelike portraits of mainly rock artists. He already has portrayed several members of my favorite bands like Lemmy (sadly recently deceased) of Motörhead, James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Foo Fighters etc.
I really enjoy his drawings.


BMC Kashaya

Kashaya is a very nice, Swedish blogger. She writes about nail polish and other beauty related products. In everyday life she is a lawyer and she is also an avid blogger. So we have both in the field of business and in the field of blogging a lot in common. A very sweet girl who makes beautiful pictures.
Make sure to take a look at her Instagram account.

Bagheera Nails

BMC BagheeraAnna is a Russian nail artist and educator. She writes just in Russian so frankly have no idea what she’s writing but her work is really REALLY good. On her Instagram account she shares the creations that she and her students made. Insane!

The other girls in the group have gathered their five favorite Instagram accounts for you as well. All these girl do mainly write in Dutch.

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