Nailed it! Easter

Easter eggs final

It’s almost Easter so time for a nice Easter nailart tutorial.

Easter eggs supplies

I used the following products:

  • OPI Natural Basecoat
  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • OPI Never Have Too Mani Friends!
  • OPI Look at My Bow!
  • OPI Purple Palazzo Pants
  • OPI Gelato on My Mind
  • OPI Let’s Be Friends!
  • OPI Matte Topcoat
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat
  • silver nail caviar
  • striping tape
  • scissors
  • dottingtool (not in the picture)
  • striper brush(not in the picture)

Step 1

Easter eggs step 1

Paint the ring finger nails all white and the others in a different pastel color.

Step 2

Easter eggs step 2

With the dottingtool place a pink dot on the ring finger, this is the nose of the bunny.

Step 3

Easter eggs step 3

Also with the dottingtool place two black dots, these are the eyes.

Step 4

Easter eggs step 4

With the striper brush you make two ears.

Step 5

Easter eggs step 5

Now draw the whiskers.

Step 6

Easter eggs step 6

Now draw the mouth.

Step 7

Easter eggs step 7

Apply some strips of striping tape in a checkered pattern. Do this only if the underlying polish is completely dry otherwise you pull it off the nail. Press the tape firmly onto the nail and apply a layer of matte topcoat.

Step 8

Easter eggs step 8

Removed the striping tape directly after applying the topcoat.

Step 9

Easter eggs step 9

Apply the checkered pattern to all other nails.

Step 10

Easter eggs final_02

Apply a glossy topcoat over the ring finger and place on the cross points of the squares a silver ball.

You easter nailart design is now finished!

I hope that you liked this tutorial.