Nailed it! French Rainbow

French Rainbow final

The last week I’ve been  incredibly busy making it quite hard to keep up with the blog. But today I have a fun, summery nail art tutorial for you! This design is also requested by a reader. I really like it when you guys suggest fun nailart designs!

French Rainbow supplies

I used the following products:

Step 1

French Rainbow step 1

Apply a base coat to the tips and allow to dry then apply some of the white polish on the tips. This doesn’t have to be very neat because you’re going to correct it. On the sides apply it to halfway on the nail so you can make a nice deep smile line.

Step 2

French Rainbow step 2

On the sponge you apply three strips of yellow, orange and pink. Dab this on the tip of the nail so that an ombre effect occurs.

Step 3

French Rainbow step 3

Dip the gel brush in the remover and gently wipe a tight smile line in the polish. I myself love a deeper smile but that’s personal taste.

Step 4

French Rainbow step 4

With the striper brush apply some glitter to the tips.


I have a nice pink nail bed but if you don’t have that then you can apply a pink nude shade with the brush on the part below the tip to the cuticle. I skipped this step.

Step 5

French Rainbow step 5

Dip the striper brush in white paint and apply a pattern to the nail.

Step 6

French Rainbow step 6

Repeat this on the other nails. When the design is dry, then apply a shiny coat. I have used the Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Treatment as a topcoat which gives a beautiful shine.

I hope you liked the tutorial. Jennifer thank you for applying for this tutorial! Did you see a lovely nailart design somewhere and want to know how it is made? Please send me a message and I will make a tutorial for you.

I hope you have a lovely day!