Nailed it! Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty final

Last week the Hello Kitty by OPI collection arrived and so it seemed fun to make a nice nail art design with them.

Hello Kitty supplies

I used the following products:

  • nail polish remover
  • OPI Natural Basecoat
  • OPI Look at My Bow!
  • OPI Spoken from the Heart
  • OPI Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel
  • OPI Kitty White
  • OPI Never Have Too Mani Friends!
  • OPI Glitter Off basecoat
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat
  • striper brush
  • gel sponge

I used the Hello Kitty by OPI Collection but you can use the same colors from any other brand.

Step 1

Hello Kitty step 1

Start your manicure always with a good base coat. When the base coat is dry, paint your thumb and little finger in a pearl white color, the index finger and the ring finger in soft pink and the middle finger black. Allow this to dry.

Step 2

Hello Kitty step 2

Apply a peel off base coat on the skin surrounding the ring finger nail. This is to ensure that you do not have much to clean up after making the gradient.

Step 3

Hello Kitty step 3

Apply a line of light and dark pink color on the sponge.

Step 4

Apply a small gradient in the direction of the cuticle, it has to be really just a little bit.

Step 5

Hello Kitty step 5

Remove the peel off base coat of the skin and clean with a brush and some remover any remaining polish.

Step 6

Hello Kitty step 6

Applya leopard pattern on the index finger. Dip the striper brush in black polish and draw the outside edges of the spots.

Step 7

Hello Kitty step 7

On the middle finger you make a bow at the cuticle.

Step 8

Hello Kitty step 8

On the ring finger draw, by using the striper brush, the outer lines of Hello Kitty. Do this very precise so you can see clearly that it is in fact Hello Kitty.

Step 9

Hello Kitty step 9

On the pinkie you place some random pink spots. This is the basis of the leopard print that you will make.

Step 10

Hello Kitty step 10

Draw a black line around the pink spots, do not let them connect at all but leave some space between them freely.

Step 11

Hello Kitty step 11

When your design is dry you apply a nice coat. Make sure everything is really dry because otherwise you risk that you smear the design and that would be a waste of your work.

Your Hello Kitty nailart design is now ready!

Shopping List

I hope that you’ve liked this tutorial.