Nailed it! Neon Chevron

Neon Chevron final

Today I show you how you can make this playful nail art design.

Neon Chevron supplies

I have used the following products:

Step 1

Neon Chevron step 1

Apply the white basecoat on all nails, the makes the neon colors to stand out. Note that a white nail polish is not the same as a white base coat! If you do not have a white basecoat you could use a white polish underneath but you have to apply a regular base coat.

Step 2

Neon Chevron step 2

Dip the striper brush in the purple polish and paint a chevron pattern on the tip of the ring finger nail. This does not have to be very tight, it is a playful design so whatever imperfections contribute to the end result.

Step 3

Neon Chevron step 3

Fill the nail with all the colors.

Step 4

Neon Chevron step 4

Apply the peel off basecoat on the cuticles and skin surrounding the nails, leave the ring finger clear. Wait until it has completely dried.

Step 5

Neon Chevron step 5

Apply all the colors on the sponge. Let the layers overlap each other.

Step 6

Neon Chevron step 6

Dab the sponge on the ail and make a nice rainbow effect. You get the best result when there are no clear lines visible. If necessary, re-apply the polishes on the sponge.

Step 7

Neon Chevron step 7

Remove the peel off basecoat from the skin.

Step 8

Neon Chevron step 8

Dip the striper brush in the black polish and paint the line between the colors. The line does not need to be perfectly neat.

Step 9

Neon Chevron step 9

When all is dry you apply a shiny topcoat.

Shopping List

  • OPI Glitter Off basecoat, OPI Dealer, $10
  • OPI Put a Coat On basecoat, OPI Dealer, $10
  • China Glaze Plur-ple, Nailsupplies – $3.25
  • China Glaze Pink Voltage, Nailsupplies – $3.25
  • China Glaze Home Sweet House Music, Nailsupplies – $3.25
  • China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Nailsupplies – $3.25
  • China Glaze Treble Maker, Nailsupplies – $3.25
  • China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind, Nailsupplies – $3.25
  • OPI Who Are You Calling Bossy?!?, is discontinued but every black cream polish will do
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat, Ulta– $5.99
  • striper penseel, Nail Product – €6,95
  • nail art sponsjes, Nail Product – €3,85 80 pcs

I hope that you’ve liked this tutorial.