Nailed it! Neon Marble

Neon Marble final

Nail polish and hairspray prove to be a very good combination. Today I’ll show you how you can combine these two products and create cool effects.

Neon Marble supplies

I used the following products:

Step 1

Neon Marble step 1

Paint all nails white. A white base layer allows the neon colors come out more bright.

Step 2

Neon Marble step 2

Apply a generous layer of peel off base coat to the cuticles and skin around the nails.

Step 3

Neon Marble step 3

Apply the four neon colors on the sponge and let them overlap slightly.

Step 4

Neon Marble step 4

Dab the sponge on the nails in order to make an ombre effect.

Step 5

Neon Marble step 5

Drop two drops of black nail polish into a glass of water. The water must be at room temperature. When the polish is distributed over the water spray the hairspray on the polish  from a height of about 11 inches. The polishes will show gaps.

Step 6

Neon Marble step 6

Dip the nails in the water and repeat on all nails. The patterns will be different on each nail, but that gives this nail art design a playful effect.

Step 7

Neon Marble step 7

Remove the peel off base coat of the skin and remove any remaining nail polish with a brush and some remover.

Step 8

Neon Marble step 8

When the black polish is dry top it off with a nice glossy topcoat. Your manicure is now ready!