Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum

Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum bottle name

Today we take a step back in time, to 2013, when Selena Gomez designed her beautiful nail polish collection for Nicole by OPI.

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Well, now back to the order of the day, nail polishes! Everyone is familiar with the OPI brand of course, but its little sister is often forgotten in the Netherlands. Nicole by OPI is the drugstore line of OPI. These polishes are often more focused on the younger girls and that is reflected in collaborations with celebs like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. The quality of these polishes is very good, and the prizes are not bad at all.

In the spring of 2013 Nicole by OPI together with Selena Gomez has released a collection of 14 nail polishes with a variety of glitter and bright cream polishes. This amazing collection is still for sale and I got some of them for testing and I will show them in the coming weeks.

I do have the following polishes from the Selena Gomez collection:

  • Pretty in Plum
  • Stars at Night
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Naturally
  • Mi Fantasia


Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum has a purple shade with strong pink undertones. This color really pops on your nails, especially when the sun shines on it. The delicate purple and pink shimmer give the color more depth and shine.

Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum hand holding bottle 2

Studio photo

In the studio it is more purple and a touch darker than when sunlight hits it. In sunlight, the pink undertone comes strongly forward.

Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum daylight hand holding bottle

Daylight photo

The macro below shows the shimmer clearly.

Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum macro


The formula of Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum is very good so you can apply it without effort. The pigmentation is really very good, you need 1 to 2 thin coats for a fully opaque whole. On the swatches you see only one layer. Metallic polishes often tend to be streaky but Pretty in Plum doesn’t have that problem, it dries to a completely streak-free finish.

Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum closeup nails 2

The polishes has a good thickness so it’s self leveling without flooding the cuticles. Make sure that you use a good base coat because of the strong pigmentation it can discolor your natural nails.

Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum brush

The Nicole by OPI bottles have a relatively short brush, especially when compared to the length of the cap. They do not contain the famous OPI ProWide brush but the brushes are of a good quality and you can work neatly with them.


Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum dries in a reasonable time on a beautiful glossy finish. On the swatches I did not apply a topcoat so you can clearly see the beautiful shine it has. The durability on the nail without a topcoat is somewhat disappointing, after one day I had some small chips. With a topcoat you can significantly prolong the durability, to up to 5 days!

Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum closeup nails

In the Netherlands you can order Nicoly by OPI polishes at Prettypolish. The bottles contain 15ml and cost only €6,95.


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