OPI Rich & Brazilian

OPI Rich & Brazilian name on bottle

“Compliments abound when you show off this rich burgundy.”

The OPI Christmas collection 2016 is based on the iconic Hollywood classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The lead role is played by Audrey Hepburn and her famous statement “I believe in manicures” comes back in this Christmas collection in the form of a Tiffany blue creme polish.

The collection consists of the following colors:


OPI Rich & Brazilian is a beautiful burgundy color containing a delicate shimmer. The shimmer is composed of purple / red flakes with a lovely golden shine. It is a warm color that is perfect for the colder months and the golden touch makes it even more perfect for the holidays.

OPI Rich & Brazilian hand holding bottle

On the macro picture below you can see the shimmer. The picture clearly shows the purple / red flakes and in the upper left corner you can see the golden shine of the flakes, the light catches the golden shimmer quite nicely.

OPI Rich & Brazilian macro


OPI Rich & Brazilian has a pleasant substance that is very good in terms of thickness, so you can apply it without effort. The pigmentation is very good, basically it is opaque with just one coat but I opted for a second layer to give it a little more depth.

OPI Rich & Brazilian closeup nails


OPI Rich & Brazilian has a stunning, high-gloss finish. On the swatches I didn’t apply a topcoat so you can see the shine properly. The drying time is fine, you can start with the second layer shortly after the first. The durability on the nail is good, without topcoat I had a little tipwear and a small chip on the little finger nail after three days. With a topcoat can significantly extend the durability.

OPI Rich & Brazilian closeup nail

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