Roby Thermo Lilac

Roby Thermo Lilac name bottle

The Italian brand Roby Nails recently launched a line of thermo gelpolishes. The coming weeks I will show you some of the great colors in this line of Friday.

I really like thermo polishes, they are great fun. Especially if you have long nails it gives a very nice effect. Combine that with a gelpolish and you have the perfect summer manicure that lasts up to three weeks. This is of course dependent on the state of your natural nails and the way you applied the product.

I will show you the following colors:

  • Thermo Lilac
  • Thermo Purple
  • Thermo Azure
  • Thermo Green
  • Thermo Red
  • Thermo Pink


Roby Thermo Lilac has a wonderful, fairly dark purple shade as a base color. When the polish warms the lilac color makes place for a nice pink shade with a slightly blue undertone. The colors fit very well together and give, due to the blue undertone, a fresh look.

Roby Thermo Lilac hand holding bottle 2

The gelpolish reacts strongly to even the smallest temperature fluctuations. The effect that you see in the picture above is not manipulated. This effect is achieved since the nail bed has a higher temperature than the free edge of the nail. I think thermo’s look the best on long nails. On a short nail the effect will be particularly visible if, for example you are using cold or warm water.

Roby Thermo Lilac hot and cold_EN

Roby Thermo Lilac contains a very fine silver glitter. On the macro picture below you can see the glitter clearly.

Roby Thermo Lilac macro


Roby Thermo Lilac has a fairly thick substance, which is quite common with gelpolishes, especially if they contain glitter. It does not tend to run out and thus you can paint multiple nails before curing.

Roby Thermo Lilac closeup nails

Each gel shrinks while curing, which is inherent in the chemical process. The Roby gelpolishes have very minimal shrinkage. If you seal the free edge you you won’t notice any shrinkage. Too much shrinkage often happens with cheaper gelpolishes.

Roby Thermo Pink bottle and brush

The Roby gelpolish bottles have the same shape as that of the normal nail polishes. The gelpolishes come in a matte black bottle in order to keep UV radiation out. The brush is very good, it has a fine width and fannes out nicely on the nail.


Roby Thermo Lilac is not a one-step gelpolish, you have to start with a basecoat and finish with a topcoat. The topcoat that I used on the swatches is Layla Base & Shiny Top Coat. This product has a beautiful shine that stays nice until you remove the product from the nail.

Roby Thermo Lilac closeup nails 2

Roby Thermo Lilac contains 8ml and costs € 14.95, you can buy this gorgeous gelpolish at Djasa. I really like the Layla Base & Shiny Top Coat, it is a 2-in-1 product which also saves you some money. It costs € 14.90 and this product is also available at Djasa.

Have a great weekend!


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