Roby Thermo Azure

Roby Thermo Azure name

Summer seems to have come to an end. Fall/autumn is really my favorite season of all! Bad weather, warm tea, good books or movies, cold outside and cozy inside. Super nice! But before fall really hits us I still a summery gelpolish for you, Roby Thermo Azure.

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Roby Thermo Green

Roby Thermo Green name

Although it seems like summer has moved into autumn at the moment, there is always room for a beautiful summer manicure. The color I that I show you today brings back the summery mood and he fits perfectly with the Olympics that are currently in progress.

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Layla Maldives

Layla Maldives bottle name

Now that summer has officially begun and the good weather has also arrived I think it’s time for a gelpolish that brings up the vacation mood. Maldives has the color of the blue waters of the Indian Ocean that surrounds the beautiful islands.

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Layla Black Seduction

Layla Black Seduction bottle and brush

Several years ago, the major nail polish brands started with magnetic polishes. The hype did not last very long and the magnetic polishes faded a bit to the background but recently they seem to be coming back! Today I’ll show you a magnetic gelpolish by Layla.

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