Trind Misty Meadows

Trind Misty Meadows bottles on floor

Recently, the Trind autumn / winter 2016 collection came in and today I like to share this amazing collection with you!

The Misty Meadows collection is based on misty, cold autumn and winter days on the moor. The six beautiful colors fit this most beautiful seasons of the year. The trees are dressed in autumn dress and explode with the most beautiful colors. Not only do these nail polishes have the most beautiful colors but they also contain nourishing ingredients that keep your nails in good condition.

The collection consists of the following colors:

  • Holiday Class
  • Stormy Weather
  • Rosy Cheeks
  • Frozen Pond
  • Mesmerizing Maroon
  • Muddy Meadows

Holiday Class

Trind Holiday Class name

“No (winter) collection is complete without a classic red shade. Holiday Class is the perfect color for the holidays and all other days when you want to highlight your classic beauty. Red nails are always appropriate and they give you an instant classy and stylish manicure.”

Holiday Class is indeed the perfect red for the holidays. This beautiful red shade has a blue undertone that gives it a gorgeous look.

Trind Holiday Class hand holding bottle

The formula of Trind Holiday Class is very good. It reminds me of the red OPI polishes. The pigmentation is really very good, on the swatches you see only one thin layer and that is enough to make it entirely opaque. Keep in mind that you use a good base coat to prevent discoloration of the nails.

Trind Holiday Class closeup nails

Stormy Weather

Trind Stormy Weather name

“A beautiful dark gray shade that reminds you of impending autumn skies. The blue undertone makes Stormy Weather perfect to combine with jeans for a casual look but combine it with a little black dress for a chic look with an edgie twist of course.”

The definition of Stormy Weather given by Trind is spot on! Threatening clouds in a jar. It is a beautiful, dark color that is really perfect for the dark autumn days.

Trind Stormy Weather hand holding bottle

The formula of Trind Stormy Weather is also very good. The pigmentation of this shade is perfect, just one thin layer is sufficient. Although it is a dark color it doesn’t discolor your nails!

Trind Stormy Weather closeup nails

Rosy Cheeks

Trind Rosy Cheeks name

“A fresh morning walk on the moor and your cheeks will get a rosy glow from the cold weather. That’s what Rosy Cheeks is based on. It’s a beautiful, soft blush pink. Flattering, sophisticated, not too noticeable and fits perfectly with everything in your wardrobe.”

Trind Rosy Cheeks is a beautiful nude shade for my skin tone. Really a very beautiful color that will look good on almost everybody. This is such a color that you can wear every season. Whether you go to work, a night out or to a wedding, this color goes with everything.

Trind Rosy Cheeks hand holding bottle

The substance of Trind Rosy Cheeks is slightly thinner than the previous two colors. Because it is slightly thinner you have to work a in thinner layers so you need two layers for a nice covering whole. That is still very good for such a light shade.

Trind Rosy Cheeks closeup nails

Frozen Pond

Trind Fozen Pond name

“Are not you afraid of being branded as an ice queen? Try Frozen Pond on your nails. A super trendy real ice-blue shade that is perfect for cold winter days. Frozen Pond is also very suitable to use in a winter nailart design.”

I really like this kind of baby blue pastel shades! Trind Frozen Pond is a beautiful light color that is also very suitable weather to wear throughout the year.

Trind Fozen Pond hand holding bottle

The formula of Trind Frozen Pond resembles that of Rosy Cheeks, slightly thinner but very nice to work with. Also with this nail polish, you need two thin layers for an even and opaque result.

Trind Fozen Pond closeup nails

Mesmerizing Maroon

Tind Mesmerizing Maroon name

The absolute heather color! This color should not be missing in the collection. For us it’s the perfect fall color. A classy red is just too much for you? Then Mesmerizing Maroon is your perfect alternative. This soft tone flatters almost all skin colors and matches perfectly with the fashion shades of this season. “

Ah, this is indeed the perfect autumn color for me! I’m a real autumn loving person. As soon as the first leaves start falling, I’m happy, the beautiful colors, scents and bad weather I like it all very much.

Tind Mesmerizing Maroon hand holding bottle

Trind Mesmerizing Maroon also has a nice formula. The good pigmentation ensures that the first layer is sufficient for a good covering result.

Tind Mesmerizing Maroon closeup nails

Muddy Meadows

Trind Muddy Meadows name

“Muddy Meadows is not herd animals, even though the name might suggest otherwise. This deep dark eggplant shade is tough but yet classic and, above all, very wearable. The dark color is a wonderful neutral basis for the winter, it is easy to combine and it is flattering at any age. “

At the first glance I thought Trind Muddy Meadows was a black color but upon application it quickly becomes clear that it indeed has a dark aubergine hue.

Trind Muddy Meadows hand holding bottle

The formula of Muddy Meadows is similar to that of Mesmerizing Maroon, so also here only one layer is sufficient.

Trind Muddy Meadows closeup nails

All colors from the Misty Meadows collection have a beautifyl shine after drying. On the swatches I didn’t apply a topcoat so you can see the shine properly. I think the Trind bottles are very cute, I’ve never encountered a similar bottle.

Trind Misty Meadows all bottles

I think it’s a gorgeous collection with lots of variation in colors. I’m especially a fan of  Mesmerizing Maroon and Rosy Cheeks. Which is your favorite? The lacquers cost € 10.12 and are limited. Click here for a Trind dealer in your area.

I hope you are having a great day!handtekening

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