Trind Riviera Life

Trind Riviera Life bottles

Trind is known for its nail care products but they also have beautiful nail polishes. Today I’ll show you the new Riviera Life collection.

This spring / summer Trind launches the Riviera Life collection. This limited edition collection features six beautiful, caring nail polishes in a sophisticated color palette. With the soft, slightly transparent and bright summer colors Trind takes you to the French Riviera. I received this wonderful collection and tested it for you.

Trind Riviera Life bottles standing

The collection consists of the following polishes:

  • Summer Cloud
  • Oh Bardot!
  • Tropezian Sunset
  • Meet Me in Nice
  • Lavender Fields Forever
  • Mediterranean Sea

Summer Cloud

Trind Summer Cloud bottle


“Summer Cloud is a trendy but very wearable soft white. If you do not want to wear a lot of color but you do want a clean, manicured look, this milky white polish is perfect for you.”

Summer Cloud is a fairly transparent color, the natural nail remains visible. It is a beautiful, neutral tint that is not completely white so you do not get a Tipp-Ex effect on your nails.

Trind Summer Cloud hand holding bottle

Oh Bardot!

Trind Oh Bardot bottleTrind Oh Bardot bottle

“Oh Bardot! is a beautiful soft pink color. It exudes youthfulness and sophistication. Oh Bardot! gives your nails a groomed appearance without drawing too much attention. It compliments your sun-kissed skin like no other.”

I really like this kind of polishes. I think it’s sometimes nice to wear a neutral color, Oh Bardot! is perfect for that. It gives a perfectly groomed appearance. I have worn this polish already quite often and received many compliments on it. Like Summer Cloud, Oh Bardot! has a soft shade appearance where the natural nail remains slightly visible.

Trind Oh Bardot hand holding bottle

Tropezian Sunset

Trind Tropezian Sunset bottle

“If you do not mind to stand out, try Tropezian Sunset. This color is fun, flirty and screams summer. Polish your nails with Tropezian Sunset, put on your favorite summer dress, buy a bottle of wine and watch the world turns orange when the sun goes down. “

This beautiful bright pink color is indeed a real eye-catcher. It is, in contrast to the two lighter colors, fully opaque in the first layer. I like this kind of lovely colors for the summer months, I can not wait!

Trind Tropezian Sunset hand holding bottle

Meet Me in Nice

Trind Meet Me in Nice bottle

“No spring / summer collection is complete without a scarlet pink. In this collection the task is for Meet Me in Nice. It is a nice, happy color that does well on the nails of both hands and feet and it is flattering for any age. “

Meet Me in Nice is slightly darker than Tropezian Sunset and tends to a coral red color. This beauty is fully opaque in just one layer and application goes without effort.

Trind Meet Me in Nice hand holding bottle

Lavender Fields Forever

Trind Lavender Fields Forever bottle“Lavender Fields Forever is a surprising, energetic color reminiscent of the endless fields of lavender in the Provence. This purple hue is surprisingly easy to combine and flatters most skin tones.”

Lavender Fields Forever is the perfect lavender color, a beautiful spring shade. It will be no surprise anymore but this one is also opaque in just one layer.

Mediterranean Sea

Trind Meditarrenean Sea bottle

“Mediterranean Sea is the darkest color in this summer collection, but that does not make it less happy. If you normally like to wear dark colors on your nails and you want try something different this summer, give this cool navy blue color a chance. You will be surprised how versatile it is. “

The color reminds me a lot of blue ink from the Waterman fountain pens. It really is gorgeous shade but for the summer a bit on the dark side. And it covers in one thin layer.


Trind Meditarrenean Sea hand holding bottle

I’m a fan of this wonderful collection! The Trind polishes have a nurturing effect on the nails yet, especially with the dark colors, it is important to use a good base coat because they contain quite a high amount of pigment. The polish costs € 10.12 and are limited edition. Click here for a Trind dealer in your area.

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